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It can be tricky sometimes to visualise your project completed when all that you have are 2D pages of lines and plans, some 3D concept images and all that stuff in between….we hear you.

That’s why 3D renders can assist to get a feel for spacial relationships, colour choices and how you might actually be able to live in the space being drawn up beyond all of those lines. Here is a project in Newtown recently completed where 3D renders assisted in understanding the design being proposed.


RENDER                                                           ACTUAL                                                                         RENDER (MIRROR GAVE IT AWAY)            ACTUAL


RENDER                                       ACTUAL…..NO, RENDER!                           ACTUAL                                           ACTUAL                                       RENDER

RENDER                                                                                   RENDER                                                          ACTUAL                                          RENDER


ACTUAL                                                           ACTUAL




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