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Land Design Build offer an exclusive, stand alone Sustainability & Solar Project Service, to help ensure that your new home or renovation project, or existing home achieves a high-level of sustainability in the most cost-effective way.

With many years of experience in the field of sustainable building and solar technologies, we are able to assist you with the advice about which products and system will result in the numerous environmental, health and cost benefits of sustainable building and solar technologies.

We can provide you with comprehensive, practical advice and implementation services in relation to:

  • Reducing your operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions by installing a range of cost effective solar technologies
  • Improving your comfort through solar-passive design
  • Reducing your overall water consumption, while utilising rain & waste water
  • Recommending building materials that have a minimal environmental impact and also benefit your health as a building occupant

We consider the following elements for all buildings, whether existing or in the design phase:

  • Renewable Energy Inc. solar PV, batteries, hot water, active solar heating/cooling
  • Building Envelope (Floors, Walls, Ceiling/Roof) Inc. insulation, thermal mass, shading of windows and walls, windows & glazing, draught sealing, natural & induced ventilation
  • Building Systems Inc. heating & cooling (if required), light fittings & controls, hot water systems, general appliances & equipment
  • Water Conservation and Alternative Water Supply Systems Inc. water-efficient fixtures, rainwater (tanks, first flush diversion, filtering, sterilising,
  • waste water (grey water diversion and treatment, black water treatment)

Where requested or required, we work closely with a range of other sustainability experts – helping us to provide additional assistance and in depth knowledge in:

  • Thermal Performance Modelling/Assessments/Energy Ratings
  • Thermal imaging to identify where heat is lost and gained through a building envelope