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The property is an inner urban site in eclectic Rippleside, Geelong, with bay and park views, as well as easy access to trains. Our clients desired a modest, highly sustainable and liveable home.

The home is nestled cheek by jowl between houses of varying eras, and as such, it was important to create a home that set itself apart somewhat in form and materials. To this end, a more contemporary, yet simple, form was developed with the expression of the ‘natural’ and the ‘man made’ expressed both externally and externally, with smooth, clean surfaces counterpointed with the use of natural Australian hardwood timbers. The home makes ideal use of its north facing rear garden with living areas spilling onto the north facing deck. Glimpses of views are provided from the second living space.

For a modestly sized home, the interiors are spacious and open, while also being well zoned to create thermal, visual and acoustic separation. The use of Australian FSC certified imported timber forms a stunning feature throughout the interior with bench tops, stairs and internally decking forming the bulk of the visual and tactile experience.

The materials and products specified for the project had sustainability criteria high on the client’s selection agenda.

Materials were chosen based on their low embodied energy content, low impact life cycle assessment and low toxicity characteristics. Paints and other applied finishes were low VOC to avoid ‘off gassing’. Timbers were recycled or sourced from sustainable origins, concrete featured a high level of recycled aggregate and cement replacement ingredients, high performance double glazing and high levels of wall and ceiling insulation was used throughout. All fixtures, fittings, taps and systems were chosen with energy and water efficiency in mind.

A grid connected solar panel (PV) system generates electricity that by day is fed back into the main electricity grid. An energy meter allows the client to understand their energy consumption in real time. A 14,000 litre water tank provides up to 95% of household water needs, while a greywater diversion system provides automatic garden watering.