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About This Project


The objectives, principles and strategies embodied and described in this Concept Plan are an example of leading edge, best practice ecologically sustainable design (ESD) for a residential development.

When complete, this development will be an example of ESD for a residential development which will be a model for the cooler climate zones of Australia and possibly beyond. It should be noted that most of strategies proposed are not particularly difficult to realise in themselves, more it is the way in which they have been integrated to cover all key development issues to achieve an overall concept which wholistically addresses ESD issues.

The essence of achieving ESD in a residential development context such as this could be considered as a way of reconciling higher density living with enhanced lifestyle and amenity, while also making significant advances in minimising our use and reliance on non-renewable resources and maximising the use of renewable resources and the ‘waste’ products of urban living.

Key Issues:

  • Site/Urban Planning
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Open Space
  • Built Environment
  • Sustainability Performance Indicators
  • Process Planning
  • Marketing
  • Management Planning
  • Potential Collaborators, References and Case Studies