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About This Project


This concept design was produced to respond to the housing market demands and takes account of authority requirements/design.
Input has been provided through the undertaking of a design feasability study which considers making the best use of the in terms of design and sustainablity, yeild and amenity, planning provisions and flood level issues.

A total number of seven units are proposed for the site, five on the western side, and two on the eastern side. Units to the east are made up of one bedroom units with a study. Two accessible units are included meeting the Australian Standard for Design for Access and Mobility (AS1428.1.2001). Units to the east are 3 bedroom, double garage types.

ESD Summary:

  • All units must perform to a minimum 6-star thermal rating
  • Allowance should be made for PV systems on the north-facing roofs
  • Surface water run-off should be harvested site-wide to enable at least a first flush system
  • Grey water should be centrally harvested for use in gardens and common areas
  • Living areas are all orientated to face north to benefit from passive solar & ventilation opportunities