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About This Project

Size:                820 sqm (building)

Status:            Completed March 2011

Accommodation:General Purpose Classrooms, Office,  Meeting Rooms, IT Centre, Library, Multi Media,  Canteen, and new Student Amenities Block

It’s not often that a  primary school  is provided with the opportunity to create uniquely designed and much needed learning facilities.   For Chilwell  Primary School, an 1878 school that has a permanent enrolment of nearly 350 students, this is exactly what has happened.

Under the $14.06 billion  Federal Government Primary Schools for the 21st Century element, Chilwell  Primary School was approved for a  Round 3 non-template project up to the value of $2.5 million. Working to strict design, documentation and consultant co-ordination delivery timeframes, Third Ecology put the project out to tender to ensure that all work is completed  by March 2011.

The brief given to Third Ecology was complex and multi faceted.  Three master plan options were presented for approval  by School Council, with the adopted design concept focusing on the construction of a new 2 storey building facing Huntington Street.

Key functional elements include:

> upper level  learning studio /home base for 4 senior school class groups with shared resources

> the creation of flexible open plan library with  integrated staff area and multi-media

> purpose built ICT room that can also be adapted  into a lecture type facility for future use

> a building design to contextualise and compliment the site and its significant heritage  listed original  building, rather than to  present a ‘faux mimicry’  of a former  building style

Key sustainability features include:

> optimal daylight penetration and winter solar gain/summer shading,  high indoor air quality and acoustic performance

> building materials selected  based on environmental

consideration  (for the life of the  material) including maintenance, durability, thermal  mass, non toxic, low VOCs

> incorporation of high energy and water efficiency fittings and fixtures

> 20,000 litre underground  rainwater system