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The brief for this project was to create a two bedroom, 5 star energy rated and passive solar home that capitalised on sweeping views of Cape Bridgewater, Bridgewater Lakes and Discovery Bay to the south, west and north. Provision was also made for future third bedroom extension, solar hot water and a grid connected solar power system.

Primary elements include:

  • Site cut to minimise the visual impact of the house in the landscape.
  • Concrete slab as thermal mass.
  • Fully insulated veneer Mt Gambier limestone walls (ochre pigmented bagged finish).
  • Extensive use of casement double glazed windows to maximise solar performance, views and ventilation.
  • Properly considered overhangs to provide summer shading.
  • Highly efficient, Australian made ‘Nectre’ wood heater.
  • Use of reclaimed materials for joinery (feature stair, benchtops, doors).
  • Fully insulated curved roof construction of plantation grown pine timber and naturally round local messmate bush poles.
  • Full water self sufficiency (combination tank and bore) and water conserving fittings.
  • 5 star energy rated appliances.