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About This Project


The Aireys Inlet Residence is a cost effective transformation of a ‘zero star’, dark and cold mudbrick house into a light filled, warm and airy ‘6 star’ home. The renovation is an example of what can be achieved with thoughtful design and a solid, practical knowledge base in relation to sustainable architectural practice.


The ‘6 star’ rating for energy efficiency was achieved by incorporating:

  • Passive solar design principles (orientation, internal zoning)
  • Thermal mass (concrete slab) to provide thermal stability
  • High performance low ‘E’ argon gas filled double glazing to new and reused windows and doors
  • R5 insulation to new and existing ceilings/roofs
  • Extensive use of draught sealing
  • The use of roof windows (Bedroom) and tube skylights (kitchen) to provide glare free natural light
  • The use of a high efficiency heat pump solar hot water system to provide ‘on demand’ hot water, and reduce greenhouse gas pollution by over 60%.


The house incorporates numerous water efficiency and rainwater harvesting techniques such as:

  • Installation of AAA shower heads and tap ware
  • Collection of all roof water runoff into a rain water tank to provide current garden needs and future household needs – the whole house will soon be supplied by rainwater
  • Reuse of waste water for garden watering via trenches and appropriate landscape plantings (zero load on mains sewer system)


The house incorporates the use of sustainable materials in its construction and fit-out by:

  • Utilising plantation and sustainably harvested timber for structural, joinery (windows and cabinets) and external purposes
  • Maximising the use of ‘low energy’ materials by utilising recycled and remachined materials
  • Maximising the use of ‘low toxicity’ water based finishes for polished timber floors, joinery and paints