Third Ecology have been featured in the following published media:



Houses for Small Spaces (Rippleside Residence) edited by Gary Takle, 2011

The Test of Time (Queenspark Residence).  Sanctuary Magazine, Issue 14, 2011



Cool & Quirky (Barwon Heads Beach Houses).  Greensmart Magazine, March 2009



Sky’s the limit for water storage and energy savings (Barwon Heads Beach Houses).

Geelong Advertiser, Real Estate, August 2008


Homes warm to worms (Batesford Residence – Sustainable Home of the Year 2008).

Geelong Advertiser, Geelong Sustainable Living Awards, August 2008


Green home design wins national ‘smart’ award (Barwon Heads Beach Houses).

Geelong Independent, Opening Bid, July 2008


Built Environment, Queens Park Residence.

Banksia Foundation Environment Awards Program, July 2008


Water-wise Oasis (Sharland Oasis).  Geelong Advertiser, July 2008


Powering down (Queens Park Residence).  The Sunday Age, M Magazine, April 2008


Waste Wise is Business Wise, Waste Wise Geelong Business Network Newsletter, April 2008


High commendation for Third Ecology Architects (Queens Park Residence).

BPN Sustainability Awards, February 2008


‘Somebody different lives here’ (Queens Park Residence).  Timber Design Australia, February 2008



Timber Awards (Queens Park Residence).  Geelong Advertiser, Business Beat, November 2007


Lured by the promise of space (Ocean Acres Residence).  The Sunday Age, Domain, August 2007


It’s easy being green – and saves money, too.  The Age, Domain, July 2007



Eco-friendly display home.  Geelong Advertiser, People, April 2005


Grey is the new green.  Geelong Advertiser, April 2005


Five star eco oasis.  Geelong Independent, New Homes, April 2005


A water saving oasis – Geelong Times, News, April 2005 Model of efficiency.

Geelong Advertiser, GT, August 2005


Award winner a true water saver.  Geelong Advertiser, August 2005


Home Sweet Sustainable Home.  The Age, Domain, August 2005


Its Easy being Green.  Geelong Advertiser, GT, Sept 2005


Green Home opens its Doors.  The Age, Property, Sept 2005



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The far pavilions.  The Age (Domain), 25 August 2004 (in capacity as ESD Consultants)


A green house to great effect.  Success Magazine (DET), Issue 1, June, 2004


Calling Card.  Steel Profile, July 2004 (in capacity as ESD Consultants)


Ceres Stunner.  Geelong Today, 15 May, 2004 (in capacity as ESD Consultants)


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House of the future – today.  Geelong Advertiser, January, 2004



Sustainability in practice.  The Age (Domain), December, 2003