Sustainability Advice


Third Ecology are able to provide a range of Sustainability Advice and Consulting Services including:


  • Sustainability Assessment Services &/or Reports

  • Site visits to 'trouble shoot' problem buildings/spaces & provide appropriate advice to improve comfort and energy efficiency

Our advice starts with achieving superior Passive Solar design and performance outcomes, and extends to the consideration of appropriate Active Solar technologies (grid/battery connected or stand alone PV Systems, solar hot water and active solar heating/cooling) and a range of other sustainability measures (water efficiency, rain water, grey water, all waste treatment systems, materials selection, etc). 


Our clients for these services include:

  • Individual clients and homeowners

  • Builders and developers

  • Other architects and building designers

  • Schools

  • Government

Where needed or requested, we work closely with - and guide the work of - other Consultants such as Household Thermal Assessors (Energy Raters), Section J BCA Assessors and a range of other specialists.