St Leonards Reserve Pavilion

St Leonards Reserve Pavilion sits at the centre of St Leonards Lake Reserve to the south west of the centre of the township. Whilst the facilities are large and relativley central, they are under-utilised, in a poor state of repair and are poorly laid out.

The feasibility study set out to enhance the built environment by looking at internal reorganisation; to bring spaces up to standard and ensuring they are multi-functional and allow simultaneous activities by  users. The external environment would be upgraded to suit with the replacement of the public WC facilities, works to semi formalise parking and landscape improvements.

The proposal seeks to provide modern new change facilities, up to standard. There is an additional requirement to house a ‘Men’s Shed’ facility as a distinct, but connected part of the developed community/sporting precinct.

Spaces are designed in such a way as to guaranteeing anchor tenants (Cricket, Soccer & the Men’s Shed) access  to suitable facilities, while enabling the building to be used for other community groups with spaces ranging from the hall & function rooms, kitchen, conference and meeting rooms. Supported by ample, accessible and secure storage.

The scheme looks to adress the level access isues that are another bariere to the comunity currently.

Authority and community liaison has been crucial in the development of the design thus far.