Portarlington Reserve Community Hub

Portarlington Reserve is located on the seaward strip north of the Geelong-Portarlington Road, 1km West of the centre of the Township. The reserve is well established for sporting use with football, cricket, netball and tennis. There are also other community facility for Guides and the annual agricultural show.


There are limitations on the existing pavilion due to its location a and as a result there are insufficient netball change areas.


The feasibility study was to resolve these issues in two stages:


  • Resolve the immediate netball issues with the construction of a new change facility adjacent to the existing courts.



  • Relocation of the courts to bring them up to code and build a new community hub that will enable a number of other community groups to locate their services to the reserve. (table tennis, scouts etc) and re-locate the new changing into the body of the new Hub.

  • The end result will be a multipurpose, flexible space at the heart of the reserve. It  will be developed into an exciting aesthetic statement that would act to bridge the gap between sports and non-sports users of the reserve, the whole year round.