North Shore Railway Station

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The existing North Shore Train Station currently sits awkwardly between the communities of Norlane and North Shore creating a physical barrier between the adjoining communities. Currently the station is a place locals and passengers cannot identify with.


A Vic Health initiative ‘Train Stations as Creative Community Hubs’ considers the key ideas of (Personality, Amenity & Context explored through a community consultation process. With this unique opportunity for an established community to build a Train Station that reflects their wants, desires and personality, the architectural design response expanded on the brief to include the key responses:


  • Place Making - following creates a greater sense of arrival and identity through consolidation of function and form

  • Multiple Use - station becomes shelter, becomes meeting, becomes community

  • Accessible - for all non-ambulant, pedestrian, bicycle, car

  • Protection - from the elements -wind, rain, and sun

  • Context - historic rail sheds where station buildings read as separate entities, industrial history/context

  • Flexible - change and/or addition of function can be readily accommodated

  • Transparency - screens rather than walls for security and passive surveillance

  • Movement - artistic and building elements to reflect movement/function of station/place

  • Maintenance - durability & longevity

  • Materials - selected for minimising ecological footprint (e.g. reclaimed and FSC timbers)

  • Rainwater -  collection and re-use

  • Water efficiency - fittings and fixtures

  • Energy - renewable energy for electricity use

  • Surface Stormwater  - reclaimed for landscaping