North Geelong Community Hub

Through the development of the Northern Community Hub, Diversitat will be able to provide a more comprehensive range of services for culturally and linguistically diverse communities in the region. The facility will build on social capital within the City of Greater Geelong’s northern suburbs.


The site will also utilise sustainable and environmental building practices and operations and be used as a demonstration site of these initiatives to the community, including a focus on people from CALD backgrounds not only within Geelong but in a state wide context.


The Diversitat and its 39 affiliated communities do not currently have a long-term secure facility in which the services outlined above can be provided. The proposed construction of this purpose-built facility will ensure an ongoing tenancy at a single location can be maintained.

 As a cultural and education centre, an Industry Skills Training Centre specialising in Aged Care and Community Services Training will be incorporated in the facility. The project will bring to the region a bright new purpose-built facility, which will be a magnet for cultural activities whilst providing much needed community services on the site.


The Northern Community Hub will be far more than a multicultural hub. Through its strong education, environment, research, arts and cultural programs the Centre will provide a platform for a wide variety of cultural and educational pursuits.