Little Desert Lodge

The Little Desert Flora and Fauna Foundation envisions an exciting & significant future for eco tourism and regional development in the outback Wimmera.


On its 120 ha property adjoining the Little Desert National Park, the Foundation is transforming a modest accommodation centre into a contemporary, “must-stay” desert accommodation and true eco-tourism experience. This renewal will strengthen the Wimmera region by creating an icon of nature-based tourism, and realise the full market potential of sustainability as a lived experience.


Through its operations and architecture, guests will experience a very high level of environmental sustainability during their stay.


Accommodation options range from luxurious tents, to self contained cabins, to 5 star ensuite rooms. Guests will experience interactive learning in the new interpretation and administration building and interactive research facility.


Proposed Key Features included:

  • Elevated access platforms minimise the disturbance on highly sensitive areas

  • Use of local, low embodied energy materials

  • 100% product waste recovery and recycling

  • Increased capacity of ‘on site’ electricity generation

  • 100% on site waste & effluent treatment and dispersal

  • Use of the natural environment (trees) for shading to compliment the building design

  • Use of natural ventilation and fans to provide cooling in guest rooms

  • Well insulated building envelopes to reduce heat loss during cold winter nights

  • Light the fire on cold nights from sustainably sourced timber

  • Maximised natural daylight into guest rooms and communal spaces

  • Maximum efficiency appliances and mechanical equipment