Geelong West St. Peters Football & Netball Club Master Plan

Third Ecology has through long association with the Club, engaged with many projects at the West Oval. From masterplanning, concept design for an extension to the main pavilion and design and construction of new ancilliary areas.


The master plan look at issues reserve-wide, taking into account the views and requirements of the numerours and sometimes conflicting interests.

The oval is unusual in having an active cycling club and cycling track around the boundary as well as two football, netball and cricket clubs that utilsie the venue.

The master plan looks at the rational re-distribution of facilities and services, bringing all users, social and administration into one organisional ‘Hub’, to improve the complex communiccation and timetabling priorities.


The extended and refurbished partition creates a flexible suit of indoor and outdoor function spaces with enhanced spectator viewing facilities and catering.

Entrance and exits are formalised and provide universal access, while car parking is better organised in and around some of the challenging topographical features of the site.


Some short-term investments have resulted in the upgrade of the current Club kitchen to improve it’s servery capacity and bring the equipment up to standard.

The process has evolved through consultation with the club membership alongside local community groups, residents and statutory authorities.


Third Ecology have been involved in post-planning design and documentation. The construction of the project is likely to commence in 2012.


Spaces are designed in such a way as to guaranteeing anchor tenants (Cricket, Soccer & the Men’s Shed) access  to suitable facilities, while enabling the building to be used for other community groups with spaces ranging from the hall & function rooms, kitchen, conference and meeting rooms. Supported by ample, accessible and secure storage.


The scheme looks to adress the level access isues that are another barrier to the comunity currently.

Authority and community liaison has been crucial in the development of the design thus far.