Geelong West Residence - 2005

Providing a simple yet striking example of how sustainable any renovation project can be, the Sanders Residence successfully links 'old and new' to create a home that is well adapted to modern lifestyles whilst also respecting the virtues of heritage.

From passive solar perspective, the home incorporates a new living space with high thermal mass and insulation - including high performance double glazing and double insulation levels to walls and ceilings.

The use of sustainable materials also features prominently - with low VOC joinery and floor coverings, zero VOC paint and sustainable materials being incorporated throughout.

On the technology front the home is almost 100% self sufficient for electricity and water by incorporating a grid connected solar panel system, rainwater harvesting, a waterless urinal and greywater reuse.

In summary, every component in this project is 'off the shelf' and the home shows that you can have your cake and eat it too!



  • 6 star energy rating (0 stars before renovation) of Victorian period home

  • Low ‘e’ and argon gas double glazing

  • Extensive use of plantation, recycled and low toxicity materials

  • Zero VOC paint and timber floor coatings

  • 3.8 kW solar power system to create net export of electricty to grid

  • 'GatorPro’ greywater system

  • 9,000 lt rainwater system to whole house

  • 6 star low flow urinal

  • Extensive, yet compact, food producing garden