Anglesea CFA

The proposed redevelopment of the Anglesea Fire Brigade will provide the Anglesea community with a cutting-edge, highly sustainable ‘as new’ facility.


The facility will signal a new era for the CFA, creating a building that:

  • harnesses solar and wind energy for electricity supply, heating, hot water and lighting to create a 100% ‘carbon neutral’ ESD development;

  • collects, treats and recycles rain and truck/hose wash water to provide all of the water needs for the building, thus saving up to 1,000,000 litres per annum;

  • features the use of sustainable, healthy, low energy and life cycle cost materials;

  • provides additional facilities for the CFA and the wider community with the provision of a community meeting room and a training pad for hose technique practice

  • The enhanced facility will be a landmark building for the Anglesea community (and the CFA as its first sustainably designed station).


Specific features of the new facility will include:

  • 12 x 160W solar panels and a 1.2 kW ‘Hush’ wind turbine estimated to generate over 5000kWh of electricity and save around 6 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per annum

  • An evacuated tube solar hot water system for all building needs

  • A series of ‘Sola Venti’ active solar heaters/coolers to minimise air conditioner use

  • A natural day lighting strategy, including south facing highlight windows & high performance skylights, to minimise reliance on artificial lighting

  • Water conversing fittings throughout including a waterless urinal and 4 star taps and appliances

  • A 120,000Lt underground rainwater tank for all building needs

  • An 80,000Lt water tank and treatment system to recycle water for use with training pad, and truck & hose wash facilities

  • The use of fire resistant building materials & design detailing to provide examples to (people building their own homes

  • A fully featured community meeting room and kitchen

  • A ‘training pad’ to allow for the training of members