With over 25 years experience designing, documenting, project managing and constructing projects for our clients, Third Ecology is perfectly placed to assist and guide you - our client - with the hundreds of decisions that need to be made for every project.

We design, document and project manage new custom homes, renovations, additions and multi residential projects for owner occupiers, investors and developers.


The principles of ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly design form the basis of all our services, projects and operations. Third Ecology create projects that minimise their impact on the natural and human environment.


We work closely with our clients to implement:


  • Passive and active solar design principles

  • Energy efficient and renewable energy technology

  • Rainwater and stormwater harvesting and supply

  • Greywater and waste water reuse systems

  • Low embodied energy

  • Environmentally benign, healthy materials 


We have won many awards for our projects and the way in which we conduct our business.  We also walk the talk as a business and contribute to our community at many levels.While our projects may never be able to compete on a cost basis with mass produced housing, we know we know our projects are competitive and a great investment amongst custom design solutions.

We create truly sustainable, value for money projects - not projects that consider sustainability as a secondary or tertiary ideal and that would rather make almost purely aesthetic statements at the expense of a high quality sustainable design and a value for money outcome.

Third Ecology is a wholly owned subsidiary of Land Design Build Pty Ltd.  We provide Design, Project Management and Sustainability Advisory services to owner occupiers, investors and developers.

Our Partners


We understand that to bring our projects to life, we may need to call upon a range of other well qualified and experienced consultants.


Depending on the specific needs of your project, our consultant team is able to consist of:

  • Registered Building Practitioners such as Building Designers and Draftsman

  • Town Planners and Urban Designers

  • Engineers - geotechnical, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic

  • Landscape Architects

  • Quantity Surveyors

  • Building Surveyors

  • Land Surveyors

  • Project Facilitators and Evaluators

  • Marketing and Business Development consultants


Third Ecology act as the 'principal consultant' or 'project manager' to bring together a range of other project team members to deliver successful projects.


Our strength is that we have a holistic understanding of sustainability and how a sustainable design and construction framework can be applied in a practical way to all projects.